Most people like to listen to music when they are driving. You will need a subwoofer for that. However, this is just half of the picture. For fully enjoying the music, you will need the right care amplifier. I will write here about how you can choose the right car amplifier for subwoofer. You can also visit for more detailed information.

Choosing the Right Car Amplifier for Subwoofer

Here are some factors that you should remember while buying car amplifier for subwoofer.


A single-channel amp is perfect for a car subwoofer. With this, the amp will process a single audio signal through one channel that is wired to your subwoofer. You can wire multiple subwoofers to this single channel if you want, but each sub will receive the same mono frequency. The best power amps should also have filters and tone controls.


RMS Power Ratings

There are two types of power-handling specifications for subwoofers:  RMS (root mean square) watts or continuous power handling, and peak watts or peak power handling. The RMs wattage means the amount of power the subwoofer can handle on a continuous basis. The peak wattage means the maximum amount of power the subwoofer can handle for a small time before it experiences damage.

The RMS watts of the subwoofer should be matched with the RMS watts of the power amp. If the power amp has a wattage range, make sure that the minimum power is 75% of the subwoofer’s RMS watts and the maximum power is 150% of the subwoofer’s RMS watts.


Impedance helps to measure electric resistance. You need to match the impedance with your power amp. Otherwise, your power amp and subwoofer may overheat, which could lead to bad sound and damage. When buying subwoofers, you will find that most of them offer the options of models with either 2 ohms or 4 ohms.


Ensure that you are getting warranty on your amplifier. However, manufacturers may not provide warranty of the seller is not authorized. Therefore, the seller you are buying from must be authorized.


Make sure that the amplifier will fit under your car seat or other places in your car where you want it to fit. There are many small amplifiers available in the market that can easily fulfill your needs.


The wiring of the amplifier must be good. Try to get OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), which is the best. You should not get CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) kits. Understand the differences thoroughly before buying any of these.

Other Technical Specifications

Consider these following specifications, too.

  • Sensitivity.
  • Decibel.
  • Frequency response.
  • Total harmonic distortion.

Consider these factors, and you should be able to buy the right car amplifier for subwoofer. If there is any confusion, visit